Note: The RHN is on hiatus, pending the formation of a new board. Until then, we are not accepting new members or collecting fees from current members. Although regular club meetings have been suspended, the RHN sill runs the annual Audubon Christmas Bird Count for the Richmond-area circle.

2019 Christmas Bird Count

The 2019 Richmond Hill Christmas Bird Count was held on Saturday, December 14. Despite the snow members scoured dozens of local parks, woodlots, ravines, backyard birdfeeders to find 45 species of birds (5329 individuals).

Thanks to Theresa Mckenzie for coordinating this year’s event and to Carolyn Mancey for again hosting the…

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February Bird Group Report

Birdgroup Meeting  February 2016 The birdgroup met on February 11 2016, at the home of Athena Antiochos. There were eight members present to hear a discussion of the two species of the Cuculidae family which breed in Canada, the Yellow-billed Cuckoo (YBCU) and the Black-billed Cuckoo (BBCU). Martin Chen started the discussion with the names…

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Bird Study Group January report

The Bird  Study Group welcomed in 2016 on January 13 at Mike Turk’s home where the topic for the evening was the comparison of two similar-sized, “chunky” wetland birds, Wilson’s Snipe and the American Woodcock. Wilson’s Snipe(Galinago delicato), standing 27-29 cm., is easily recognizeable by its brightly striped upper parts, bars on its sides, orange-tipped…

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