Where are the Red-headed Woodpeckers in southern Ontario and how can we help them?

“Red-headed Woodpeckers are oft identified by their striking coloring and pugnacious nature. As of late they are recognized for a more infamous reason, their inexplicable and sudden disappearance from the parks and woodlands of Ontario. Barbara Frei, a doctoral candidate from McGill University, will speak about her search for the disappearing Red-headed Woodpecker, factors that may be leading to their declines and the interesting lives of these beautiful birds. Whether you are a conservationist, a local landowner or just a bird lover (or all three!), this talk should amuse and educate you about a local wildlife gem.”

Barbara is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Natural Resource Science at McGill University. Her co-supervisors are Dr. Jim Fyles a forest ecosystem ecologist and professor at McGill University and Dr. Joe Nocera, a species-at-risk research scientist for the MNR and adjunct professor at Trent University. Barbara has extensive field experiences working with birds in several different habitats including species-specific surveys, nest searching and monitoring. She is also a licensed bird-bander since 2006 and has handled and banded >5000 birds of >80 species. Her M.Sc. thesis work focused on Bobolinks and their conservation and management in human modified landscapes. She has also created and given several talks on varying ecology and conservation topics and was a guest on CBC radio on grassland bird conservation in farmlands. She was involved in the inception of the McGill Bird Observatory, the only student created and run bird observatory in North America and served as bander-in-charge since 2006 and as the station coordinator from 2006-2010. She also currently sits on the board of Bird Protection Quebec.

Title: Joint meeting with West Humber Naturalists
Location: Vellore Community Centre
Start Time: 19:30
Date: 2010-11-25