Christmas Bird Count results

We had a record number of feeder watchers (14+), plus 2 ‘super-watchers’ with elaborate feeder setups and detailed observing (Michael Biro in area 3 and Miranda O’Hara in area 2), mostly thanks to the Liberal article ahead of the count. I haven’t totalled up all the participants on the eight sector routes, but it may be a high as well (there were 3 separate non-overlapping groups in sector 3, not counting Roy Smith and Winnie Poon who covered parts of a number of sectors for the Mockingbird counts. Highlights included a Turkey Vulture, a Common Grackle, a couple of Mute Swans in addition to all the Trumpeters, a flock of Brown-headed Cowbirds in with a large flock of Starlings, and especially the beautiful male Cape May Warbler which has been hanging out at Miranda O’Hara’s fancy feeder (grapes, blueberries, greenery on a tray). The Red-bellied Woodpeckers are becoming quite regular, and we even had 4 Great Blue Herons! Missing were Northern Harriers, Snow Buntings and Horned Larks, and possibly others I haven’t noticed yet. A good Count Week bird is a Northern Goshawk seen (and photographed ) in Area 6.
A special welcome to Paul Sambia who got some of his students from Doncrest PS out early Saturday to scout the local woodlot and fields.
(Thanks to Kevin Shackleton for these great snaps from area 7!)
Northern Shrike Seneca King Campus 2014 12 20
Barred Owl Eaton Hall 2014 12 20