CBC Preliminary Results 2017

Just some preliminary results from our Christmas Bird Count, held on Saturday 17 Dec.
We had 8 groups out in the field, and a number of feeder-watchers at home. The results were not too bad considering the weather (cold and snowy in the morning). We had 50 species on the day, with so far 4 more for count week (Sharon & Jim Bradley had a TV on Friday, Frank Pinilla had a Snowy and a GH Owl on Sunday, and we had a Fox Sp in our yard on Sunday). This total (54) is about average for recent years. The total number of birds was around 5200, which again is pretty standard in recent years. (Bear in mind that the bird count 20 years ago us more like 15-20 thousand birds). Progress (not!). (Click on title to see pics.)
Noteworthy was the continuing increase in Common Ravens and Red-bellied Woodpeckers.
I’ll have a more complete official report later.